The Thomas Edison Invent Your EGG Sandwich, with Steampunk Seasoned Tots -$8.99
add fruit cup $1.50 Bread choice: White toast, wheat toast, English muffin, bagel, or croissant.
Meat choice: Ham, bacon, sausage
Cheese choice: Swiss, American, cheddar, gouda

The Bombardier Bowl A fresh baked French bread bowl, filled with eggs, ham, sausage, and crispy bacon,
drenched in country sausage gravy with a generous portion of Steampunk seasoned tots-$11.99 add fruit cup $1.50

The Tardis4 Thick slices of French Toast, topped off with fresh berries and two thick slices
premium bacon served with rich warm maple syrup -$10.99

The BandolierFresh baked biscuits covered in our house made sausage gravy,
with Steampunk tots -$8.99 add fruit cup $1.50

The Industrial Revolution 2 Fried eggs accompanied by choice of 2 sausage patties, 2 strips of bacon,
or ham, with buttered toast add Steampunk tots -$9.99 (Seniors 8am to 10am $7.99) add fruit cup $1.50

The Argent2 sweet & crispy golden waffles grilled to perfection with warm maple syrup
and fresh berries and choice of bacon or sausage -$10.99

The Artemis GordanBacon, crispy lettuce, ripe tomato, fried egg, American cheese, mayo,
on white toast with Steampunk tots -$10.99 add fruit cup $1.50

The WayfarerAvocado, onion & tomato smashed atop two slices of whole wheat toast with fresh fruit -$9.99

The Priviteer 1 wrap, stuffed Steampunk tots, scrambled eggs with onion, choice
of cheese, (American, cheddar, Swiss, gouda) choice of meat (sausage, bacon, or ham). -9.99 add fruit cup $1.50

The Prefect A generous portion of steamy hot oatmeal, choice of: (cinnamon green apple, fresh berries, or brown sugar granola) -$5.99